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18 India

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18 India
18 India
18 India
18 India
18 India
18 India
18 India
18 India


India's railroad history began in 1837 when The Red Hill Railway used the country's first steam-powered locomotive to carry stone for road work to Madras, modern day Chennai. In 1845, India's first railway was incorporated, the Madras Railway. Sixteen years later, on a warm April day in 1853, a 14-carriage train carrying 400 passengers was hauled 21 miles by three steam locomotives — the Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan - and passenger railway service was thus initiated in India. From there, as they say, the rest is history, and India today has the world's fourth largest railway network.

18 India is an operational railroad game for 2 to 5 people that plays in about 3 hours. The game is inspired by 1829 Mainline by Francis Tresham, and while the venerable Mr. Tresham created some novel mechanics for that game, many of them are not ideal for players that eschew in-game randomness. In 18 India, those random elements are transformed into an amazing level of pre-game variability, which gives each session of the game a different character. Critically, 18 India causes players to think differently about 18xx standards such as train management and investments.

A complete game of 18 India include:
  • One 22" x 34" Mounted Map
  • 239 Track Tiles
  • 1 Train/Open Market Board
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 3 Guaranty Warrants
  • 5 Player Money Mats
  • 17 Company Randomization Cards
  • 10 Royal Bond Certificates
  • 11 Commodity Tokens
  • 9 Commodity Concession Tokens
  • 12 Gauge Change Markers
  • 6 Private Company Certificates
  • 18 Company Charters
  • 94 Company Tokens
  • 163 Company Certificates
  • 25 Train Cards
  • 5 Turn Order Cards
  • 10 Wooden Cubes
  • Play Money
  • Rulebook


Michael Carter, Anthony Fryer, John Harres, Nick Neylon
Chris Whitpan
Game Language
# Players
4 (MEDIUM) out of 9
1 (LOW) out of 9
30.5cm x 23cm x 7.5cm
2.430 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:7.6

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