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1914: Nach Paris

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1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris
1914: Nach Paris


By the end of August 1914, the French were losing the important border battles and retreating inexorably toward the Seine, with the entrenched areas around Paris forming the new front line. Casualties were high, but reinforcements began to add strength to various units, the wary and disillusioned British retreated, and the confident Germans were already mentally polishing their commemorative medals for their future entry into Paris, as they had done in 1871. The advance of the right wing of the army initially proceeded according to plan, but was then halted by a surprise counteroffensive by the British and French on the Marne, forcing the Germans to retreat to the Aisne.

1914: Nach Paris offers small to medium-sized scenarios to play only a specific part of the campaign, as well as the option to play the great campaign scenario "En rase campagne" to simulate the first six weeks of World War I in the West. The belligerents need to obtain a decisive victory, or face the slow descent into trench warfare.

A complete game of 1914: Nach Paris include:
  • Four map sheets (2x full size, 2x half size)
  • 10 countersheet
  • Two player aid charts
  • Six Setup Display
  • One fortifications sheet
  • One turn track sheet
  • Four double-sided scenario map sheets
  • One rulebook
  • One scenario book, with 12 different scenarios
  • Two 20-sided dice
  • Explanation sheet, two corrected reprinted countersheets


Bertrand Munier
Patrick Gebhardt, Pablo Bazerque, G. Chiesa, M. von Martial
Game Language
# Players
6 (MEDIUM) out of 9
8 (HIGH) out of 9
30.5cm x 23.0cm x 7.5cm
2.300 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.9

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