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A Gest of Robin Hood

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A Gest of Robin Hood
A Gest of Robin Hood
A Gest of Robin Hood
A Gest of Robin Hood


A Gest of Robin Hood is a board game about the daring adventures of Robin Hood and his brave band of Merry Men as they struggle against the oppressive Sheriff and his cruel Henchmen. The game is set against the historical backdrop of peasant revolt, feudal taxation, and rural banditry in 12th-century England, but also emphasizes the mythology and folklore that has grown up around the Robin Hood tales.

One player takes the role of Robin Hood and the Merry Men, stealing from the rich and encouraging peasant disobedience, while the other player takes the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham and his Henchmen, tasked with maintaining peace and collecting taxes for Prince John. Both players will make use of Plots, Deeds, and Events to recruit and manoeuvre their forces, influence or control the peasant population, raise funds and collect taxes, and rob innocent travellers and greedy merchants alike, all in pursuit of their opposed ideals of Justice and Order.

A complete game of A Gest of Robin Hood include:
  • 17" x 22" mounted mapboard
  • 44 cards
  • 42 Wooden Pieces
  • One marker sheet
  • 2 foldout Player Screens
  • 2 Player Mats
  • Rules of Play booklet
  • Playbook booklet
  • Learn to Play booklet
  • 2 Custom 6-sided dice


Irregular Conflicts Series, Volume 2
Fred Serval
Robert Altbauer, Terry Leeds, Chechu Nieto
Game Language
# Players
4 (MEDIUM) out of 9
3 (LOW) out of 9
30.5cm x 23.0cm x 8.0cm
0 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.2

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