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ASL Rulebook (Binder)

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ASL Rulebook (Binder)
ASL Rulebook (Binder)
ASL Rulebook (Binder)
ASL Rulebook (Binder)


ASL is the premier game system of tactical-level World War II combat uniquely combines soundness of design with attention to detail and ease of play. Built on the popular Squad Leader system, ASL has long been the ultimate in tactical wargaming. Now, ASL has just gotten better with the introduction of the ASL Rules 2nd Edition. Not only are the Rules back in full color, but the 2nd Edition also benefits from all the fine-tuning accumulated over the past 15 years. Included in ASL Rules 2nd Edition are separate full-color chapters for Infantry, Terrain, Ordnance and Offboard Artillery, Vehicles, a miscellaneous chapter with advanced rules (night, weather, boats, planes, skis, convoys, etc.), rules for playing on Deluxe-sized boards, “Design Your Own” rules and German and Russian Vehicle and Ordnance Notes, an expanded Training Manual, an expanded Index, and numerous, full-color, hard-stock dividers with useful charts and player aids. 

2020 Reprint: This 2020 reprint of the ASL Rules 2nd Edition contains all the replacement rules pages provided in Action Pack 4, Armies of Oblivion, and Hakkaa Päälle!, all the updated dividers provided through Hakkaa Päälle!, as well as a list of all the official errata published through ASL Journal 12.

The ASL Rulebook include:
  • Binder
  • Introduction
  • TOC
  • Chapters A, B, C, D, E, H (German/Russian), J, K (Days 1-8)
  • Expanded Index
  • Chapter Dividers A, B, C, D, E, H, National Capabilities Chart/OBA Flowchart, Advanced Sequence of Play, Overrun Flowchart/IIFT, & the ASL Scenario Aid Card
  • QRDC


Advanced Squad Leader (ASL)
2nd Edition, 3rd Printing, 2020
Don Greenwood
Nicolás Eskubi, Charles Kibler, Rodger B. MacGowan
Game Language
# Players
27.5cm x 29.5cm x 6cm
2.015 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.0

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