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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Exp — EPIC Napoleonics

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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Exp — EPIC Napoleonics
Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Exp — EPIC Napoleonics


EPIC Napoleonics is the sixth expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics game system. EPIC Napoleonics allows for fighting larger battles with more units. EPIC Napoleonics is actually two game systems in one — the Epic Battles system, and the La Grande Battles system. Although the scope of  Napoleonic game has changed size wise, the historical feel and the basic rules of play, for the most part, remain the same. To experience the maximum enjoyment with these two new Napoleonic game formats, both EPIC Napoleonics and La Grande Battles scenarios are best played using the Command card and Tactician card decks that were part of the Generals, Marshals and Tacticians expansion.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics plus Spanish, Russian, Austrian, Prussian, and Generals, Marshals and Tacticians expansions is required to play.

A complete game of C&C: Napoleonics Exp — EPIC Napoleonics include:
  • 2 EPIC Battlefield mounted map boards
  • 2 La Grande Battlefield sheets
  • 1 Countersheet
  • 1 Terrain Card Sheets
  • Over 150 Unit Blocks
  • 3 Label sheets
  • 6 double-sided EPIC Scenario sheets (12 EPIC Scenarios)
  • 1 double-sided La Grande Scenario Sheets (2 La Grande Scenarios)
  • 1 Rule and Scenarios Booklet
  • 8 Custom Battle Dice


Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
2nd Printing, 2023
Richard Borg
Rodger B. MacGowan, Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier
Game Language
# Players
30.5cm x 23cm x 8.0cm
2.560 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.6

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