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Fall of Saigon: A Fire in the Lake Expansion

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Fall of Saigon: A Fire in the Lake Expansion
Fall of Saigon: A Fire in the Lake Expansion


Mark Herman and Volko Ruhnke’s award-winning Fire in the Lake revealed the factional clashes of the US insurgency in Vietnam, from the first entry of US combat troops under Westmoreland to the ’72 Christmas bombings that teed up their negotiated withdrawal. Now, Fall of Saigon expands Fire in the Lake to finish the story. Three Fall of Saigon scenarios enable 1-4 players to extend play beyond Paris, beginning before 1968’s Tet, on the eve of the 1972 Easter Offensive, or from 1964 all the way to the end of the war. A standalone 2‑player Black April scenario focuses tightly on the post-Paris sparring between NVA and ARVN, including the final massive battles, advances, and retreats.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Fire in the Lake required to play.

A complete game of Fall of Saigon include:
  • Deck of 79 playing cards
  • Deck of 36 playing cards (FoS solitaire system)
  • 29 wooden pieces
  • 6 double-sided foldout PACs
  • 4 double-sided PACs
  • 1 Countersheet
  • Expansion Rules booklet
  • Expansion Background booklet
  • Solitaire Rules booklet


COIN Series, Volume IV
Mark Herman, Volko Ruhnke
Rodger B. MacGowan, Mark Simonitch
Game Language
# Players
5 (MEDIUM) out of 9
9 (HIGH) out of 9
30.5cm x 23.0cm x 5.3cm
1.220 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.4

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