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Friedrich de Luxe Expansion

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Friedrich de Luxe Expansion
Friedrich de Luxe Expansion
Friedrich de Luxe Expansion


In Friedrich, players use an army sheet to write down the allocation of their troops to their generals. Basically, this is a good method, but it is prone to cheating. While this seems not a problem in a game with friends — because when you realize that a friend is cheating, you would simply stop playing with him — it becomes an issue in a tournament; and even more when the tournament is a World Championship.

So, the question was: How can you play Friedrich without the army sheets? What method can be used to provide security against cheating during recruitment, troop transfer, and loss-taking while still maintaining secrecy, and, on top of that, be easy and comfortable for the players to use? And so the system of the matchbox lids was used, from the 1st World Championship since today. It was also adapted by the organizers of the Spanish and British Opens (CAFE & FUK).

The plastic box lids have the size of a flat matchbox. They come in different colors: dark blue for Prussia, red for France, etc. The labels have a similar look as the labels of the generals. The wooden blocks are 11 x 11 x 6 mm in size. They come in the following colors: 32 dark blue, 12 light blue, 16 dark green, 4 light green, 30 white, 6 yellow, 20 red. The expansion also includes a fifth set of Tactical Cards. This is useful when players run out of cards, which can happen when Prussia succeeds in avoiding battle for a long time.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Friedrich is required to play.

A complete expansion of Friedrich de Luxe include:
  • 24 plastic box lids for the generals
  • 24 labels for the lids
  • 120 wooden blocks
  • 1 set of Tactical Cards with a gray pattern
  • 1 set of rules


Richard Sivél
Game Language
English, German
# Players
25.5cm x 16cm x 4.5cm
0.355 kg

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