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Front Toward Enemy

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Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy
Front Toward Enemy


Front Toward Enemy is a simulation that recreates tactical engagements during the Vietnam War at the scale of 50 meters per hex and five minutes per turn. Units represent fire teams, heavy weapon sections, leaders, vehicles, and helicopters. Eight scenarios with set-up options recreate twelve missions that typified company-level engagements during the Vietnam War, including airmobile insertions, assaults on fortified positions, and classic search-and-destroy operations, among others.

Rules cover all of the elements associated with combat in Vietnam: helicopter gunships, armored vehicles, artillery support, snipers, sappers, civilians, booby-traps, medics, evacuation of the wounded, prisoner interrogation, tunnels, hidden caches, and more. Winning doesn't always mean holding the objective if the cost in casualties is too great. Sudden combat in difficult terrain causes command and control to quickly break down. A chit-pull system means command and control is erratic, and volume of fire is rewarded, but results are fickle. The unforeseen occurs, ranging from non-combat injuries to interference from higher headquarters to so-called "friendly fire".

A complete game of Front Toward Enemy includes:
  • Two unmounted 22" x 34" mapsheets
  • Three 5/8" Countersheets (+ errata countersheet)
  • Two Combat Results Tables/Terrain Effects Charts
  • One Helicopter Table
  • Five Scenario cards
  • Rulebook
  • Two 10-sided & One 6-sided dice


Joe Chacon
Nicolás Eskubi, Jordan Worley
Game Language
# Players
30cm x 23.5cm x 4.0cm
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Boardgamegeek rating:7.6

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