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Fury at Midway

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Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway
Fury at Midway


The game system of Fury at Midway is primarily one of air operations. When to strike and with what planes is the primary question of the game. This is balanced by how you defend your own fleet and the island of Midway for the Americans or the invasion fleet for the Japanese. The Japanese have to either take Midway or win the carrier battle to win the game and having two objectives really challenges the Japanese player to make a good plan while the American situation is simpler, but his forces are not as well trained and errors in navigation, strike coordination, escort, etc. can take a toll. Surface forces are not shown in the game except in their effects in AAA, bombardment, or the slight chance of an abstract night surface battle. This is a simple yet pretty accurate version of Midway.

Note: Players will need to have four 6-sided dice for play, they are not included with the game.

A complete game of Fury at Midway include:
  • Two 11" x 17" maps
  • 72 5/8" die cut counters
  • 12 cards
  • One Player aid
  • Rule book


Ziploc Edition, 2020
Yasushi Nakaguro
Charles Kibler, Richard Handewith
Game Language
# Players
28cm x 22cm x 0.5cm
0.160 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:7.2

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