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High Frontier 4 All

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High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All
High Frontier 4 All


High Frontier is a game about the exploitation and industrialization of our solar system. Each player starts as a spacefaring company in the year 2020 trying to make a profit in trade and technology development.

The Core Game is equivalent to the previous edition's basic and advanced rules, and includes Module 0 (Politics). It also comes with the beginner's game Space Diamonds (accessible to bright children), Race for Glory (introductory, including a playthrough), and a variety of solitaire and cooperative variants. The iconic map of High Frontier is the most comprehensive map of the solar system ever published! Since it is a delta-v map, it offers a completely different view of the accessibility of the worlds that orbit Sol. The cards and map have been expanded and produced in consultation with experts in the field, and the author himself is a former rocket scientist, and we can safely say this is the most accurate yet accessible game of space exploration/exploitation ever published. Transition rules allow High Frontier to work as an independent 4th stage in the Bios: Earth trilogy (Bios: Genesis, Bios: Megafauna, and Bios: Origins) about the evolution of life on our planet.

A complete game of High Frontier 4 All include:
  • 1 Mapboard
  • 1 Punchout board
  • 155 Cards
  • 5 Playmats
  • 2 Placards
  • 2 Player Aids
  • 35 wooden domes
  • 35 wooden cubes
  • 1 gold wooden star
  • 45 plastic disks
  • 10 plastic rockets
  • 80 blue plastic beads
  • 40 transparent red plastic disks
  • 1 black six-sided dice
  • 5 Rules Booklets


4th Edition, 2020
Phil Eklund, Justin Grey, Jon Manker, Dom Rougier
Josefin Strand, Anna H. Lindberg
Game Language
# Players
32cm x 32cm x 7.0cm
2.625 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.4

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