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Ligny 1815, Last Eagles

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Ligny 1815, Last Eagles
Ligny 1815, Last Eagles
Ligny 1815, Last Eagles
Ligny 1815, Last Eagles
Ligny 1815, Last Eagles
Ligny 1815, Last Eagles


Ligny 1815, Last Eagles is the third title of the Eagles of France series after Fallen Eagles (Waterloo) and Rising Eagles (Austerlitz). The game system provides a detailed view of the battle, but in a playable way. The focus is on morale, attrition and commitment of formation (division & corps) at the right time, rather than tactical chrome. Simple fog of war rules let the players experiment an uncertainty about enemy forces as close as possible to what the real generals had to face.

At Ligny, Blucher accepted battle with Napoleon, assuming that Wellington would not be too far. The French nearly achieved a decisive victory, which could have changed completely the dynamic of the Belgium campaign.

Ligny 1815, Last Eagles offers the full battle and also 2 shorts scenarios on key moments of the day. Two alternate scenarios are also included to explore hypothetical situations with variable reinforcements rules. 

The game includes 3 historical scenarios:
— the battle for St Amand et la Haye (4 turns). Vandamme's III Corps was tasked with taking control of these villages on the right wing of the Prussian defense and to compel the Prussians to engage as much of their force as possible.
— the streets of Ligny (4 turns). The assault of Gérard's IV corps against Ligny turned-out to be a savage battle for each building.
— the full battle (7 turns).
Each short scenario is played on its own map with enlarged hex, while the full battle is played on the full map.

This game can be link up with a Quatre-Bras 1815, Last Eagles to provide an ultimate experience at this scale of the 16th of June 1815 battles that could have decided the campaign before Waterloo.

A complete game of Ligny 1815, Last Eagles include:
  • 2 backprinted maps, A1 size (84 x 60 cm)
  • 4 countersheets
  • 18 play cards
  • 10 full color play aids
  • Series rules booklet
  • Playbook
  • 2 six-sided dices


Eagles of France
2nd Printing, 2020
Walter Vejdovsky
Sébastien Brunel, Rick Barber, Christophe Gentil-Perret
Game Language
# Players
4, 5 (MEDIUM) out of 9
7 (HIGH) out of 9
32см x 23.5см x 4.25см
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Boardgamegeek rating:8.2

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