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Pax Pamir

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Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir
Pax Pamir


In Pax Pamir, each player assumes the role of a nineteenth-century Afghan leader attempting to forge a new state after the collapse of the Durrani Empire. Western histories often call this period "The Great Game" because of the role played by the Europeans who attempted to use Central Asia as a theater for their own rivalries. In this game, those empires are viewed strictly from the perspective of the Afghans who sought to manipulate the interloping ferengi (foreigners) for their own purposes.

In terms of gameplay, Pax Pamir is a pretty straightforward tableau builder. Players will spend most of their turns purchasing cards from a central market and then playing those cards in front of them in a single row called a court. Playing cards adds units to the game’s map and grants access to additional actions that can be taken to disrupt other players and influence the course of the game. That last point is worth emphasizing. Though everyone is building their own row of cards, the game offers many ways for players to interfere with each other, both directly and indirectly. To survive, players will organize into coalitions. In the game, these coalitions are identified chiefly by their sponsors. Two of the coalitions (British and Russian) are supported by European powers. The third coalition (Afghan) is backed by nativist elements who want to end European involvement in the region.

A complete game of Pax Pamir include:
  • Cloth game map
  • 36 Coalition Blocks
  • 55 wood cylinders
  • 6 Ruler Tokens
  • 5 Sheets with player pieces and rupees
  • Favored Suit Marker
  • 142 Cards
  • 2 Player Aid cards
  • Rule Booklet


Second Edition, Second Printing, 2020
Richard Wilkins, Cole Wehrle
Cole Wehrle
Game Language
# Players
23cm x 29.5cm x 6.5cm
1.940 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.2

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