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Piacenza 1746

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Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746
Piacenza 1746


On the 16th  of June 1746, the French-Spanish army led by Gen.Maillebois concentrated its forces near Piacenza and here they fought a violent battle against the Austrian army of Prince Lichtenstein. The French-Spanish army was completely defeated, leaving about seven thousand men dead and wounded, but succeeded to retreat to Piacenza.

This battle was a crucial one in the War of the Austrian Succession. After the victory, Her Imperial Majesty Maria Theresa, for whose right to the imperial throne there was fighting all over Europe, said: "I want to hope that this event will dispel from the minds of my enemies the desire to totally banish myself from Italy."

Piacenza 1746 depicts the Battle of Piacenza which was fought between a Franco-Spanish army and the Austrian army near Piacenza, in Northern Italy on June 16, 1746. It formed part of later operations in the War of the Austrian Succession. The result was a victory for the Austrian forces, led by Prince Josef Wenzel — Prince Franz Josef I and Louis-Joseph de Montcalm were among the notable combatants.

A complete game of Piacenza 1746 include:
  • 1 map 22" x 25"
  • 216 5/8" die-cut counters
  • 3 game charts
  • Rules booklet
  • 2 dice


Enrico Acerbi
Enrico Acerbi, Nicola Contardi
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