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Russia Besieged

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Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged
Russia Besieged


The time is June 22nd, 1941. Over 3 million German troops are poised on the Russian border, preparing to launch Operation Barbarossa! What was supposed to be a quick campaign ended up marking the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany.

Russia Besieged is a two player game based on the epic struggle between Russia and Germany (including its minor allies) spanning the entire Eastern Front theater from Helsinki to Baku. While World War II spanned the globe, the Eastern Front was arguably the most critical theater of the War. Russia, with significant economic help from its Western Allies, crushed Germany by mid-1945.

Russia Besieged is a multi-layered game experience that includes not only pushing counters on the map, players must also take into account their side’s War Economy. The Russian player must deal with production of troops and oil to rebuild depleted forces, while the German is on a constant struggle with replacement points to rebuild a proper mix of units to defeat the Red Horde!

The Deluxe Edition incorporates the Expansion Kit Counters and Scenarios that have also been play tested and refined from years of play. All the artwork in the game has been carefully refined and enlarged to fit a 5/8" counter format for ease of handling, not to mention, its sheer physical beauty. Scenarios range from 2 hour engagements to a full-blown campaign game that can be played over several days, along with a What-If variant to allow you to explore the Campaign possibilities at length. 

A complete game of Russia Besieged include:
  • 35" x 47" two-piece map
  • Three countersheets
  • Two Order of Battle Cards (German and Russian)
  • One Turn Track
  • Three Player Aid Cards
  • Two Scenario Setup Cards (Downfall  Fall Blau)
  • One Scenario Start Lines Card
  • Rules Book
  • Play Book
  • One 10 sided Die


Deluxe Edition, 2018
Art Lupinacci
Art Lupinacci
Game Language
# Players
6 (MEDIUM) out of 10
8 (HIGH) out of 10
30.0cm x 23.5cm x 6cm
1.530 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:8.5

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