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The Battle of Fismes: Introductory Game

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The Battle of Fismes: Introductory Game
The Battle of Fismes: Introductory Game


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After dispatching Blücher’s Army of Silesia at Vauchamps, Napoleon diverted temporarily toward the Seine at Montereau, for an inconclusive brush with Schwarzenberg’s Army of Bohemia. His inveterate foe Blücher apparently had learned no lessons and threatened to move again on Paris. By March 3rd Napoleon was returning northward along the bank of the Ourcq River. The fall of Soissons, cheaply surrendered by General Moreau, saw the quarry escape over the Aisne River to link-up with 43,000 reinforcements near Laon, raising his strength to over 100,000. Fismes is a hypothetical engagement simulating a possible battle at this river Crossing on March 4th 1814.

The Library of Napoleonic Battles series brings you battles lasting 1 or 2 days. These games focus on the one day the battle occurred, and also have an Approach to Battle Scenario where you can also play out the final maneuvering of forces just the day before the battle. This series is of moderate complexity. The game system features tactical elements such as cavalry charges, ranged artillery bombardment. A simple, optional "Card Enhanced" mechanic impacts reinforcements and movement. These battles can be played in one sitting.  This series of battle games covers the most important battles of the Napoleonic wars at the same scale, with only one set of Series Rules for use with all 84 battles.

A complete game of Battle of Fismes include:
  • One 17" x 22" map
  • One counter sheet
  • Rule book


The Library of Napoleonic Battles
Zip-lock Edition, 2019
Kevin Zucker
Charles Kibler
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