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The Fate of All

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The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All
The Fate of All


In the month of October of 331 BCE, the armies of two kings recently ascended to the throne met in a featureless plain near the Assyrian city of Gaugamela. The Macedonians, under the command of Alexander, faced a Persian army two times their number led by Darius. It was the decisive event of a campaign that had already lasted four years and that in the end would have claimed the life of both kings. The final outcome will forge the history of the known world for centuries to come and will decide the fate of all.

The Fate of All is an operational/tactical simulation covering the first four years of the campaign led by Alexander the Great against the Achaemenid Empire ruled by Darius. The maps cover Greece and all the territories controlled by the Achaemenid Empire up to Babylon, using a 30 km per hex scale. Geographical locations use for the most part the ancient Greek name.

Rules are centered on the problems of army organisation, supply, and morale. Armies must be organised in a balanced way or they will move slowly, cavalry must be assigned to foraging, raid, or reconnaissance, morale must be kept under control. Political aspects are also a key element. Both sides will have to use money or threats to gain support and will face treason, revolts, and dubious allies.

The final goal is to give a realistic representation of ancient warfare, without strange salads of godly interventions, auguries, and Homeric duels.

A complete module of The Fate of All include:
  • 4x 90×60 cm matte plasticized map, covering Greece, Anatolia and the Middle East
  • 1x Battle Map
  • 5x matte plasticized counter sheets
  • 20x Fate Cards
  • 2x Charts & Tables booklets
  • 4x Player Aid Charts
  • Rules Booklet
  • Scenarios & Designers’ Notes Booklet
  • Strategikon Booklet, containing examples for the Commanders
  • 2x 10-sided dice


Fabrizio Vianello
José Ramón Faura, Fabrizio Vianello
Game Language
# Players
35.0cm x 25.0cm x 10.0cm
1.650 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:9.0

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