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Triomphe à Marengo

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Triomphe à Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo
Triomphe à Marengo


Northern Italy, 14 June, 1800: The outmaneuvered Austrian army attacked the French under Bonaparte, took them by surprise and defeated them quickly in the morning fight. Thinking that the battle was over, they pursued the retreating French. However, when General Desaix arrived with reinforcements in the late afternoon, the French started a defiant counterattack and turned the Battle of Marengo into a glorious triumph.

Triomphe à Marengo recreates that dramatic battle. One player takes the role of Bonaparte, whose troops are scattered at the beginning, while the other attacks with the Austrians. He has to defeat the French, before they can strike back with their reinforcements. Triomphe à Marengo is fast playing. Departing from almost all wargame conventions, it brings the look of the 19th century linear warfare onto the table.

Based on the award winning Bonaparte at Marengo and improving it in many aspects, offers a unique game experience: The redesigned map gives you wide open spaces for clever maneuvers; the modified combat system is full of drama; and the novel locale-based morale system is nothing but thrill and tension. Since fights are resolved without dice, it's not Dame Fortune who will decide about defeat or victory, but only your maneuver skills.

A complete game of Triomphe à Marengo include:
  • One mounted map-board (22" x 33")
  • 80 rectangular red and blue imprinted wooden blocks
  • 12 red and 15 blue wooden tokens for tracking morale
  • One black wooden game turn marker
  • Rules booklet

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Bowen Simmons
Bowen Simmons
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English, German
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