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Washington's War

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Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War
Washington's War


Washington’s War is a two player, strategic level simulation of the American Revolution. By way of the game mechanics, the players attempt to initiate, control, weather or exploit a wide variety of diplomatic, political, cultural and military events in order to either help the United States win its independence or to retain the 13 colonies as British dominions.

Washington's War features a dice-driven combat system that quickly resolves combat and is very friendly to Internet play. The game also features a new CDG discard mechanic that makes every card in your hand playable by allowing your opponent to buy his discarded events for an operations card. Now, unusual card distributions create challenges and not insurmountable barriers for advancing your strategy.

Washington’s War is the re-design of the original card driven game, We the People (The Avalon Hill). The biggest design changes between We the People and Washington's War, besides the aforementioned new game mechanics, is the increased emphasis on the asymmetrical capabilities of the two sides. The British are a conventional army with a dominant naval capability that gives them great strengths in the coastal regions. The Americans are an unconventional force with a small Continental Army led by George Washington who yearn for French intervention. While the British struggle to expand their influence inland, the Americans struggle to keep their militia forces in the field. In the end it is the side that is better able to play to their strengths and protect their vulnerabilities that prevails in Washington's War.

A complete game of Washington's War include:
  • One mounted 22" x 34" game map
  • Two countersheets
  • 110 Event Cards
  • 2 Player Aid Cards
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • Two 6-sided dice


3rd Printing, 2024
Mark Herman
Charles Kibler, Harald Lieske, Rodger B. MacGowan, Mark Simonitch, John Trumbull
Game Language
# Players
3 (LOW) out of 9
3 (LOW) out of 9
30.5cm x 23cm x 7.5cm
0 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:7.6

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