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Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945

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Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945
Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945


Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945 is the fourth expansion for Wing Leader system. In Legends, we seek to cap the Wing Leader game system by bringing together previous games and expansions in a series of crossover scenarios.

Featuring combat from the beginning to the very end of the war, Legends features some of the smaller air forces. The Chinese over Nanking, the Yugoslavs over Belgrade, and the Bulgarian defense of Sofia all appear. The last gasp of the Regia Aeronatica over Sicily and Calabria are captured in a series of exciting scenarios. There are new scenarios for China and France. Old favorites, including the Pacific and Eastern Front, also feature, matching Italians against Soviets or recreating the famous Battle of the Bismarck Sea.

New Aircraft range from the obscure Yugoslav IK-3 interceptor to the American P-26 "Peashooter". Italian types including the G.55 fighter and the Z.1007 bomber also appear.

In addition to new aircraft and scenarios, Wing Leader: Legends features a whole campaign system, replicating the experience of the desperate air battles over Kursk in the summer of 1943.

This is not a stand-alone game. Players will need copies of all previous Wing Leader products to fully enjoy this expansion.

A complete expansion of Wing Leader: Legends 1937-1945 include:
  • 1 Campaign Rules and Scenario Book
  • 1 What ADC Do I Use? Booklet
  • 1 Countersheets
  • 1 Sheet of Aircraft Data Cards
  • 1 Combined Sheet of Aircraft Data Cards and Counters
  • 1 Campaign map
  • 2 Campaign Order of Battle Cards


Wing Leader, Expansion Nr 4
Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Antonis Karidis, Rodger B. MacGowan, Ian Wedge
Game Language
# Players
6 (MEDIUM) out of 9
5 (MEDIUM) out of 9
31cm x 22cm x 1cm
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Boardgamegeek rating:8.5

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