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Wings of the Motherland

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Wings of the Motherland
Wings of the Motherland
Wings of the Motherland
Wings of the Motherland
Wings of the Motherland
Wings of the Motherland


From the grim days of 1941 to the unstoppable rush against Berlin in 1945 nowhere was the Russian determination to defeat the invading Germans more evident than in the sacrificial heroics of the Soviet Air Force (VVS). Nearly swept from the skies in 1941, the VVS held on, rebuilt itself in 1942 and doggedly wrested control of the skies from the elite German Air Force (Luftwaffe). Unable to match Russia's annual mass production of aircraft and aircrew, nor sustain its own losses, the Luftwaffe was outnumbered by 1943 and subsequently bled dry of its experienced aces. By late 1944, Stalin's heroic Falcons (as the dictator called his pilots), manning the Red Air Force's wings of the Motherland, were dominating the skies on the Eastern Front. This story of near defeat, heroic comeback and indomitable victory is what this tactical level game strives to portray.

Wings of the Motherland (Fighting Wings Vol.4) delivers the THIRD edition rules set (compatible with aircraft and scenarios from previous volumes). Included are expanded details for aerial combat, night fighting and air-to-surface attacks. As the air fighting on the Eastern front revolved almost entirely around tactical air support of land forces the game's historically rich, extensively researched, scenario book includes 60 scenarios emphasizing attacks against ground and naval units as well as 150 air combat scenarios.

A complete game of Wings of the Motherland include:

  • 280 Aircraft Counters
  • 280 Ground Unit Counters
  • 70 Ship and Play aid Counters
  • Two 34" x 22" Game Maps, front and back printed
  • 1 Game Rules Book
  • 1 Game Rules Supplement Booklet
  • 1 Game Scenarios Book
  • 1 Aircraft and Ship Data Card Book
  • 1 Play Aids Booklet


Fighting Wings Vol.4
Third Edition Rules, 2019
J. D. Webster
Ian Wedge
Game Language
29.5cm x 23cm x 7cm
1.440 kg

Boardgamegeek rating:9.2

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