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C3i Magazine Nr 30

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C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30
C3i Magazine Nr 30


C3i Magazine is an "Independent" publication (by RBM Studio) that supports games released by GMT Games and occasionally other game companies. It includes new scenarios, variants, strategy and tactical tips, designers, and developers notes. It also usually contains inserts which can be new counters, maps, cards, and player aids for a complete small game or/and to expand boxed games.

In this issue:
  • Articles for Liberty or Death, Silver Bayonet, Colonial TwilightTriumph & Tragedy, designer, and player interviews and more!
  • Inserts for A Distant PlainWing Leader, Alexander: Hellespont Scenario, Operation Dauntless and Won by the Sword.
  • South Pacific: Breaking the Bismarck Barrier 1942-1943 is an Empire of the Sun C3i Scenario Variant that uses the full scope of its parent design. While South Pacific is a complete standalone game all of the tactics that work in Empire of the Sun work in South Pacific. What is unique about South Pacific is the smaller map region (sub-set of Empire of the Sun map) focuses and significantly simplifies the strategic options available to the two sides. If you learn how to play South Pacific you have also learned how to play Empire of the Sun. The game comes with 11" x 17" map, 48 cards, mounted counters, and rules.

See content of C3i Magazine Nr 30.


Game Design
Mark Herman
Game Artist
Mark Simonitch, Charles Kibler, Dave Lawrence, Rodger B. MacGowan
29cm x 23cm x 2cm
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