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Modern War Magazine #54

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Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54
Modern War Magazine #54


World at War magazine brings the Strategy & Tactics style focusing on current and future conflict. Articles and columns focus on the post WWII/Modern era, on-going and potential conflicts with our trademark emphasis on analysis, maps and graphics. Games rotate among Cold War (1948-89), Modern (1990 to present) and near-future/potential conflicts.

Game included in this issue — Soviet Fallout: The Nagorno-Karabakh War – 1992-1994 is a two-player wargame of the war between Azerbaijan and the breakaway province (Oblast) of Nagorno-Karabakh, inhabited by an Armenian majority. After the first ethnic clashes between Armenians and Azeri, during the death throes of the Soviet Union, Nagorno-Karabakh declared independence from Azerbaijan. The Azeri launched an ethnic cleansing campaign. Faced with annihilation, the Armenians resisted and fought back. The Armenian player must fight a numerically superior foe but he has the advantage of interior lines and a unified command. The AZ player has a greater supply of former Red Army weapons and ammunition but must fight not only the Armenians but also political infighting and low morale. Each hexagon encompasses about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Units of maneuver are battalions. There are nine game turns each representing three months.

A game of Soviet Fallout include:
  • Map — One 22" x 34" map
  • Counters — 176 counters
  • Rules length — 16 pages

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Game Edition #54, JUL-AUG 2021
Game Design
Javier Romero
Game Artist
Dariusz Buraczewski, Joe Youst
29cm x 22.5cm x 1cm
0.440 kg

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