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Operational Matters Volume 2: An OCS Guide with Luzon

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Operational Matters Volume 2: An OCS Guide with Luzon
Operational Matters Volume 2: An OCS Guide with Luzon
Operational Matters Volume 2: An OCS Guide with Luzon


Operational Matters Volume 2 w/Luzon is a 40 page magazine focused on players new to Operational Combat Series games. The eight articles help players learn or even improve on their OCS knowledge. This also includes a set of six double-sided cardstock Reference Cards to help learning and experienced gamers as well. Also included a small OCS game, Luzon: Race for Bataan, which is a low-density, quick-playing game.

Luzon: Race for Bataan covers the mobile campaign during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, from December 22, 1941, when the main Japanese forces landed in Lingayen Gulf, to January 7, 1942, when the U.S.-Philippine Army completed its retreat to the Bataan Peninsula. New designer Matsuura Yutaka has created a five-turn OCS mini-game that recreates this period of intense maneuvering. General Wainwright, commander of the North Luzon Force, conducted a brilliant retreat against the advancing Japanese blitzkrieg, and succeeded in getting a large number of troops to Bataan. In Luzon: Race for Bataan, the U.S.-Philippine Army must delay the Japanese advance and gather forces in the Bataan peninsula. As directed by Imperial General Headquarters, the Japanese priority is to capture Manila. However, if the U.S.-Philippine Army can be outmaneuvered, the Japanese could both occupy Manila and deal a devastating blow to the U.S.-Philippine Army. The game pits a small-but-elite Japanese force which must make fast progress against a larger, less-effective opponent.

A complete game of Operational Matters Volume 2 include:
  • 40-page magazine (includes the game rules for Luzon)
  • 1 sheets of counters
  • 1 map (22” x 34”)

NOTE: the OCS Series Rulebook and Charts are not included; these can be downloaded from the MMP support website if you do not already have these.


Operational Combat Series (OCS)
Matsuura Yutaka
Dean Essig
Game Language
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30.0cm x 23.5cm x 1.5cm
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