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Paper Wars Magazine #81

Publisher/Brand: Compass Games

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Paper Wars Magazine #81
Paper Wars Magazine #81
Paper Wars Magazine #81
Paper Wars Magazine #81


Paper Wars has been well known for its game reviews. It also publishes articles and sections related to the Compass Games catalog of games. Examples would be strategy and tactics articles, new scenarios, expanded designer notes, examples of play, sneak peek artwork and previews of future releases.

Game included in this issue — Position Magnifique: The Battle of Mars-la-Tour, 1870 is a medium-sized, brigade-scale game for two players (although it is solitaire-friendly). The French player, as Marshal Bazaine, must coordinate his huge army and take advantage of his greater numbers and the French infantry’s superior Chassepot rifle. The Prussian player, as von Moltke, must play a cunning game of bluff, hold the line with his deadly Krupp artillery and launch timely attacks as his reinforcements race to the battlefield.

A game of Position Magnifique: The Battle of Mars-la-Tour, 1870 include:
  • Map — One 34" x 22" mapsheet
  • Counters — 228 5/8" counters
  • Rules length — 12 pages

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Game Design
Hermann Luttmann
Game Artist
Knut Grünitz, Brien J. Miller
29.0cm x 22.5cm x 1.0cm
0.345 kg

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