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Special Ops Magazine #10/2022

Publisher/Brand: Multi-Man Publishing

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Special Ops Magazine #10/2022
Special Ops Magazine #10/2022
Special Ops Magazine #10/2022
Special Ops Magazine #10/2022


The Special Ops Magazine is published by Multi-Man Publishing. It includes articles and scenarios for MMP's games as well as complete games.

This issue includes ten articles, two ASL scenarios, two ASLSK scenarios, and the game Blitzkrieg to Moscow 2.

Featured articles cover Front Toward Enemy, Iron Curtain (with additional scenarios), Last Blitzkrieg, Panzers Last Stand, and more. There are also a ASL SK article and a couple ASL articles, including a preview of the upcoming HASL covering Marco Polo Bridge.

Blitzkrieg to Moscow 2, originally published by Bonsai Games, is a quick playing eastern front game. The game has one map, eight pages of rules, 12 cards, and 60 1" counters.


Special Ops #10/2022
Game Design
Yasushi Nakaguro
Game Artist
Nicolás Eskubi
28cm x 21.5cm x 0.5cm
0.370 kg

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