Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

Special Ops Magazine #1/2011

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Special Ops Magazine #1/2011
Special Ops Magazine #1/2011
Special Ops Magazine #1/2011
Special Ops Magazine #1/2011
Special Ops Magazine #1/2011
Special Ops Magazine #1/2011


The Special Ops Magazine is published by Multi-Man Publishing. It includes articles and scenarios for MMP's games as well as complete games.

This issue includes 36 pages of articles and analysis, two brand new games, and four ASL/ASLSK scenarios!

  • SHIFTING SANDS - To the Pyramids: Axis Automatic victory. By Michael Rinella.
  • FIRE IN THE SKY - "Firing" up student interest - Using FITS in the classroom. By Doug Bryant.
  • ASL - "Singling must be taken". By Jon Neall.
  • ASLSK CORNER - A Look at This Issues’s ASL Starter Kit Scenarios, S37 and S38. By Ken Dunn.
  • THINKING "INSIDE THE BOX" - SCS Gazala and History. By Jerrold Thomas.
  • MICHAEL WITTMANN - "Rudel" On The Ground. By Jerrold Thomas.
  • MMP AT ORIGINS - A Day at the Origins Game Fair. By Bruce Monnin.
  • BALTIC GAP (OCS) - Seaborne Assault Option. By John Kisner.
Two Games:
  • First, Dean Essig for the first time ever takes the Gamers Standard Combat Series (SCS) back in time to the Ancients with Raphia. Rampaging war elephants!
  • Next, "Mr. Stalingrad" Tom Morin and Nick Richardson offer up the fast-playing and fun Savage Streets. An area-move mini-game covering the epic struggle for central Stalingrad.
ASL/ASLSK Scenarios:
  • ASL O1 - Go Big or Go Home: Connage, France, 14 May 1940, French vs. German
  • ASL O2 - Breaking the Ishun Line: Ishun, Ukraine, 19 October 1941, Russian vs. German
  • ASLSK S37 - Breaking the Panzers: Rauray, France, 1 July 1944, British vs. German
  • ASLSK S38 - Raiders Along the Wall: Schevenhuette, Germany, 22 September 1944, American vs. German


Special Ops #1/2011
Game Design
Dean Essig, Tom Morin, Nick Richardson
Game Artist
Nicolás Eskubi, Dean Essig, Don Petros
28cm x 21.5cm x 0.5cm
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