Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

Special Ops Magazine #2/2012

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Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012
Special Ops Magazine #2/2012


The Special Ops Magazine is published by Multi-Man Publishing. It includes articles and scenarios for MMP's games as well as complete games.

This issue includes 36 pages of articles and analysis, brand new game, and four ASL/ASLSK scenarios!

  • INTERNATIONAL GAME SERIES - An Introduction to Ukraine’44 - Soviet Strategy. By Adam Starkweather.
  • LEADERS IN THE EAST - Soviet Leaders in “Fury in the East”. By Iain Kanitsch.
  • BRAVERY IN THE SAND - An Overlooked Gem. By Giovanni Fazio.
  • THE MIGHTY ENDEAVOR - Short Invasion Scenarios for “The Mighty Endeavor”. By Jeremy Spahr.
  • ASL - The Winter Ofensive Bonus Pack 2012. By Chas Argent.
  • ASLSK - ASL Starter Kit sequence of play. By Chas Argent.
  • SOLDIERS OF ORANGE - A Dutch SASL Campaign. By David Meyler & Stephen Jackson.
  • STUART’S (AND SHERIDAN’S) LIEUTENANTS - Scouting the Cavalry Scenarios of the GCACW Series. By Johua Michael.
  • Ukraine ’44: is a simulation game that focuses on one of the pivotal moments of the Soviet Winter Offensive in Ukraine in 1943 and 1944. Over the course of a week, the Axis 1st Panzer Army was cut off and encircled by strong Soviet forces of the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts and like its brothers at Stalingrad and Korsun, expected to be destroyed. In what would called the battle of the Kamenets-Podolsky Pocket (or Hube’s Pocket), the Germans would fight and claw their way out and finally escape. Hube’s successful operation to escape encirclement is still studied to this day as a model of how to breakout from a pocket.
ASL/ASLSK Scenarios:
  • ASL O3 - A Frosty Morning: Tunisia, 1 December 1942, British vs. Axis
  • ASL O4 - Ain't Running Away: France, 7 August 1944, American vs. German
  • ASLSK S39 - Use Your Tanks and Shove: Tunisia, 3 February 1943, American vs. German
  • ASLSK S40 – Island Retreat: Italy, 30 January 1944, American vs. German


Special Ops #2/2012
Game Design
Yasushi Nakaguro, Adam Starkweather
Game Artist
François Vander Meulen, Sawshun Yamaguchi
28cm x 21.5cm x 0.5cm
0.285 kg

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