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Vae Victis Magazine #161

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Vae Victis Magazine #161
Vae Victis Magazine #161
Vae Victis Magazine #161
Vae Victis Magazine #161
Vae Victis Magazine #161


Vae Victis is a French language game magazine published bimonthly. Vae Victis offers articles on military history (analysis of strategy and tactics throughout the ages, presentation of the units used in military campaigns) and all about what is going on in the war-games world together with critical analysis and new release box opening. The Special Game Issue includes wargame comes with a map, die cut counters and rules booklet (English translation of the rules available on the Vae Victis site).

This Special Game Issue including the game: La Garde avance! (the Guard advances!).

La Garde avance! is an original module for the Jours de Gloire series, set at battalion scale. It covers the last attack of the French army during the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon’s last reserve, six battalions of the Middle Guard and five battalions of the Old Guard, set off in square formation to assault Wellington’s thin red line that was still holding its positions, while Blücher’s forces were becoming an ever greater threat on the French army’s right flank.


#161, Special Game Issue, March-April 2022
French, game rules in English are available for download
Game Design
Frédéric Bey
Game Artist
Pascal da Silva
30cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
0.325 kg

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