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Vae Victis Magazine #163

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Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163
Vae Victis Magazine #163


Vae Victis is a French language game magazine published bimonthly. Vae Victis offers articles on military history (analysis of strategy and tactics throughout the ages, presentation of the units used in military campaigns) and all about what is going on in the war-games world together with critical analysis and new release box opening. The Special Game Issue includes wargame comes with a map, die cut counters and rules booklet (English translation of the rules available on the Vae Victis site).

This Special Game Issue including the game: Hoa-Binh 1951-1952: The Battle of the Black River.

Hoa Binh, the Battle of the Black River is a solo-player game simulating the combats around the Black River and Colonial Route #6 that occurred from 13 November 1951 to 25 February 1952. The counters mainly represent the French battalions or Viet Minh actions, and one game turn represents ten days of operation. The map represents the region of the confluence of the Red River and the Black River in Tonkin, specifically from Viet Tri in the north to Hoa Binh in the south and the immediate surroundings of the Muong territories.


#163, Special Game Issue, July-August 2022
French, game rules in English are available for download
Game Design
Lionel Liron
30cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
0.305 kg

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