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Vae Victis Magazine #159

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Vae Victis Magazine #159
Vae Victis Magazine #159
Vae Victis Magazine #159
Vae Victis Magazine #159
Vae Victis Magazine #159


Vae Victis is a French language game magazine published bimonthly. Vae Victis offers articles on military history (analysis of strategy and tactics throughout the ages, presentation of the units used in military campaigns) and all about what is going on in the war-games world together with critical analysis and new release box opening. The Special Game Issue includes wargame comes with a map, die cut counters and rules booklet (English translation of the rules available on the Vae Victis site).

This Special Game Issue including the game: A Decade in the Trenches: The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988.

On August 20, 1980, Iraq invaded its neighbor Iran for a limited war with multiple objectives that was promised to be rapid: recover territories that the two powers were fighting over, counter the influence of the Iranian revolution and its leader Ayatollah Khomeini. But the offensive quickly bogged down and territorial gains were minimal. In 1981, Iran counterattacked and liberated most of its territory in early 1982. Despite a ceasefire, it was Iran's turn to invade Iraq in order to overthrow Saddam Hussein. For another six years the two regional powers would clash for minimal gains. A Decade in the Trenches lets you replay the entire war with a simple system, one-year turns, units representing brigades and divisions, and 80 km hexes.


#159, Special Game Issue, November-December 2021
French, game rules in English are available for download
Game Design
Jason Juneau
30cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
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