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Vae Victis Magazine #167

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Vae Victis Magazine #167
Vae Victis Magazine #167
Vae Victis Magazine #167
Vae Victis Magazine #167


Vae Victis is a French language game magazine published bimonthly. Vae Victis offers articles on military history (analysis of strategy and tactics throughout the ages, presentation of the units used in military campaigns) and all about what is going on in the war-games world together with critical analysis and new release box opening. The Special Game Issue includes wargame comes with a map, die cut counters and rules booklet (English translation of the rules available on the Vae Victis site).

This Special Game Issue including the game: Nabis, The Last of the Spartans.

Nabis, The Last of the Spartans is the second wargame of the By The Edge of the Sword Antiquity series, after Alexandre contre la Perse/Alexander Against Persia. In 195 BC, the king of Sparta Nabis sees his diplomatic maneuvers collapse. The powerful Roman legions of the proconsul Titus Quinctius Flamininus invade Laconia, accompanied by troops of the Achaean League. Refugee in Sparta with his motley army, Nabis fights a last combat to try to save his city. The game proposes to replay this battle which begins with a confrontation on the open ground and extends into street fighting, where all tactical stratagems, including the arson of the city, are good for repelling the Romans. Can you save Sparta's independence or will you plant the Eagle of Rome in the heart of the city of Lycurgus?


#167, Special Game Issue, March-April 2023
French, game rules in English are available for download
Game Design
Frédéric Bey
30cm x 21cm x 0.5cm
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